Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter on the Delaware - A Teaser

This is just a little teaser to get your blood flowing. Take a look at what this river system produces in the winter then just think about the spring season. This river system is a wild trout fishery supported by two bottom release dams. It sits in the Catskills and is woven into the fly fishing history and scenery that is sure to please. It's hatches are second to none and provide for dry fly fishing that is challenging to say the least. Combined that with the West Branch Resort that is nestled in the Catskills right on the banks of the West Branch of the Delaware and you have an eastern destination that is unsurpassed.

I am a guide for West Branch Resort as is John Miller below. We would love to see you there. Give me a call for assistance in booking your trip. 330 732-7057 or email me at

John Miller fellow West Branch Resort Guide

Brett McCrae SAO Guide

This winter day called for large streamers

People often ask what do guides do for fun when they have some time off. There is a shared belief out there that guides have the best job in the world and time off must be boring. Well, not exactly. Even though we love being out every day with our clients, we also love fishing. Most of us are out whenever possible.

How can you not get excited when you find out there are fish like these to be caught this time of year. Well the Delaware is a fishery that is top of the line. Take a look at these and if your heart is not misfiring, you better go get checked. This is what drives us to get out and fish. We know they are there. The only thing that prevents us from being on the water is ice and an occasional "honey do".

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